Tamsin in the workshop

About Me

I live in rural east Herefordshire with my husband, Mike and our two children. Whilst I am working in my studio making stained glass, Mike is running green woodwork courses in a nearby woodland, or working at home, writing or chair making.

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The Workshop

The Studio

Every time I walk into my workshop I breathe a sigh of release and thankfulness.  Even at times of stress and looming deadlines I am achieving something just by being in that space and away from all the distractions of being in the house.

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Stained Glass

The Glass

Most of the glass I use comes from the last remaining manufacturer of mouth-blown sheet glass in the United Kingdom, English Antique Glass. I do also use other mouth-blown glass that is produced in Germany, France and Poland.

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The Hare

When I painted my first hare a few years ago I had no idea of the connection I was making and the relationship I was forming! I am often asked why so much of my work contains hares. I think it could be because the hare embodies all those aspects of nature that we want to believe in, that it is wild, clever, bold and free.

The hare has long been associated with many myths and folklore, witchcraft and in a way represents the female spirit of nature just as the green man represents the male energy of nature. Somehow, the hare represents a desire for spiritual connection as our faith in organised religion diminishes.

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