The Timber Frame Workshop/Studio



Some tools of my trade

Every time I walk into my workshop I breathe a sigh of release and thankfulness.  It is my Narnia, my world where peace and wonder can be found.  Even at times of stress and looming deadlines I am achieving something just by being in that space and away from all the distractions of being in the house.

To a certain extent any work-dedicated space takes on this hallowed atmosphere but I am doubly lucky in having a beautiful timber framed building with great light for working and restful natural surroundings.

The frame was built and erected by timber-framer, Joel Hendry in autumn 2002, using oak from a local woodland which we had a part share in, and where Mike used to run his courses.


Workshop timber frame interior

Mike and I fixed on the corrugated tin roof and in the following spring a kindly group of volunteers helped us wattle and daub the walls, using hazel sticks for the wattle and a mixture of Herefordshire clay, lime, and cow muck for the daub.

Some months later we paid for Mike’s then assistant, Phil White, to do a lime-plastering course in exchange for him plastering the interior of my workshop.  We added earth pigments to the lime to give it that lovely soft hue.  Another friend helped us install the wood burning stove and it was ready for use!

A year after the first timbers were cut to shape I opened it to the public for the inaugural Hereford Art week and began to sell my work!  Since then it has gradually filled with stained glass materials and things that I love, have found or
bought.  Like barnacles on a ship’s hull they plot the course of my time and
progress within its walls.