By Tamsin

Shed Stories #7 ‘Swanland Stories’

April has been an incredibly full month. As the sap rises my energy has been returning, and every moment has been spent creating in my workshop or making inspirational travels to the edges of our land- Cornwall and Pembrokeshire.
Next week I will be delivering some work to (Herefordshire) for an exhibition that opens on Saturday 10th May and in June I will be exhibiting at – more of that in the next newsletter.
Anyway, it seemed a good opportunity to get Dougal to write the newsletter this month and to fill you in on how he manages running our print shop as well as his other work.

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Shed Stories #6 ‘I went to blow the fire aflame’

This year Easter, and the changing of the clocks to British summertime coincided, and to celebrate this arrival of spring, Mike and Seren and I cooked our supper over the fire in the garden and drank our first Pimms of the year!  It was not a balmy evening (bloomin’ cold!) and the Pimms was probably a bit premature but it was lovely to sit out by the fire and listen to the birds singing their evening chorus and the owls calling out to one another as they began their twilight forays.  It certainly felt like a beginning of better weather and times outdoors to come.

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Shed Stories #5 ‘Our House’

So St David’s day, March hares and the 1st of March are upon us. Usually February has a day or two at least where we can see and feel the promise of warmth and spring but this year it has continued January’s theme of wet and grey! But, nonetheless, the primroses are lifting our hearts with their gentle kindness in the banks and the daffodils are already trumpeting golden tunes to the skies. However, the real flowering champion of this past week or so has to be the blackthorn, which is heavily laden with its frothing foam of blossom. Even in the dullest days it brightens the hedges but on the rare moments when the evening sun breaks through the gloom the blossom lights up like a beacon of unutterable beauty and hope.

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Shed Stories #4 ‘Drive the Cold Winter Away’

It is almost Imbolc, the Celtic festival of spring, which is a time of the re-emergence of life after the hiatus of winter. We know that there may still be bad weather to come but we cannot help but be stirred by the fact that the song thrush is singing again, the snowdrops are well and truly out and the catkins are beginning to dangle!

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Shed Stories #3 ‘A Bustle in your Hedgerow’

It is early January and it feels as if we have been submitted to nothing but rain and greyness for weeks on end now. But this morning, whilst walking the dog, the sun made a weak and watery appearance. It was as welcome and beatific, as the smile from a beautiful and much loved old grandmother, and like a glimmer of reassurance that good things will surely come.

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Shed Stories #1 ‘It was twenty years ago today’

Well, it’s ever so slightly over twenty years on from the launch of my career as a stained glass illustrator, and from the moment our second child, Dougal started school!  So it seems an appropriate time to take stock and begin writing a monthly blog for all you lovely subscribers and followers old and new. If only I’d done it years ago!! 

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Wild Folk, the book

On the 6th January 2023 at the Wolf Moon Jackie Morris and I launched the crowd funder for our book, Wild Folk, to be published by Unbound books. Within 5 days we had reached 100% funding which was an incredible achievement. As we start work on the book we continue to fund and build a community of ‘Wild Folk’ who are the people who have pledged for the book and accompany us on this journey. There is room for more! Pledgers receive exclusive updates as to the progress of the book and news about new pledge opportunities. Of course they will also be the first to hear of a publication date and events surrounding this.
For more information follow the link.

Countryfile Again!

On April 17th, Easter Sunday I will, once again, be appearing on BBC’s ‘Countryfile’ programme. I won’t be meeting any presenters this time but instead am the subject of a mini film or ‘postcard’ within the programme which is a Herefordshire Easter special.