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Countryfile Again!

On April 17th, Easter Sunday I will, once again, be appearing on BBC’s ‘Countryfile’ programme. I won’t be meeting any presenters this time but instead am the subject of a mini film or ‘postcard’ within the programme which is a Herefordshire Easter special.

Stained Glass Talk at Twenty Twenty Gallery

On Saturday 20th August I will be giving a short talk about my stained glass work alongside my husband, Mike who will be talking about his chairmaking.  This will take place at Twenty Twenty Gallery in Much Wenlock, Shropshire.  It will coincide with the opening of a wonderful landscape exhibition which we are both taking part in.

In the talk I will particularly be paying attention to themes and inspirations but I will also talk about my painting technique and how that has developed for this particular exhibition.



Haymakers’ Exhibition

Well, it’s been an extremely busy year so far and I’ve been struggling to keep up with orders, so much so that I haven’t had much time to make any new work.  However, I’ve finally managed to get a few pieces out and about and have several panels on display at the Hay makers’ Gallery in the beautiful town of Hay on Wye on the Welsh borders.  If you are in the area do go and have a look, it is such a delightful gallery packed full of beautiful things.

Country File alert!!

Yesterday morning I was a bag of nerves in anticipation of a visit from the TV show, Country File who were coming to film and interview me about my work.  The weather was unbelievably kind with warm spring sunshine to help with creating a sense of beauty at a time when our garden is at its lowest ebb.

I was very much put at ease by the crew and the presenter, Matt Baker, who seemed genuinely impressed and delighted in our workshops and my work.  However, I was still somewhat nervous when filming started and am sure I spouted forth a lot of nonsense and certainly didn’t say anything erudite or poetic.  Still, there’s no point worrying about that now- it is in the hands of the editor/director!!  I am sure when it is aired on Sunday 27th March (BBC1) I shall be squirming behind a cushion horrified at what I am saying, doing, and how I look!!  For everyone else it will probably be fine!


My sister and me with Matt Baker the presenter for Country File

My sister and me with Matt Baker the presenter for Country File


The crew enjoying a cuppa!


Hanging some stained glass in the apple trees for atmospheric shots!

The Peace of Wild Things

So the flush of excitement brought on by the Country Living article has peaked and I am now having to concentrate all my efforts and energy into preparing for my next exhibition.  Things are getting busy in the workshop at home as I am really looking forward to this event which will take place at Blue Ginger Gallery which opens on the 19th March.  The exhibition The Peace of Wild Things  is inspired by the beautiful poem by Wendell Berry which seems so appropriate for us in these times and it will be full of beauty and objects of desire all made by British artists.   IMG_3196

Country Living Magazine

So, it’s finally out and I’m really excited to be able to tell you that I’m appearing in the March edition (2016) of Country Living magazine.  Subscribers have already received their copies but it will be in the shops next week.  I’m extremely amazed and delighted to have 6 pages featuring photos of me in my workshop and my work as well as rather a nice article. Whether I’ll be able to keep up with the extra work on top of my already busy work load, well, we shall find out but I will do my best!

Oh!  And trust the cat and dog to take a starring role!

Box of Delights

Once again I am delighted to be exhibiting at Tinsmiths in Ledbury and again on the theme of John Masefield’s, madcap but wholly wonderful, Box of Delights. (If you haven’t come across it this is quite a good synopsis – Ledbury was John Masefield’s home town and it is easy to imagine the events of the book taking place in and around this ancient market town.  I love the mixture of fantasy, winter and local landscapes which help inspire me when creating work for an exhibition like this.The She Oak Robber tea