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Country Living Magazine

So, it’s finally out and I’m really excited to be able to tell you that I’m appearing in the March edition (2016) of Country Living magazine.  Subscribers have already received their copies but it will be in the shops next week.  I’m extremely amazed and delighted to have 6 pages featuring photos of me in my workshop and my work as well as rather a nice article. Whether I’ll be able to keep up with the extra work on top of my already busy work load, well, we shall find out but I will do my best!

Oh!  And trust the cat and dog to take a starring role!

Wild, gentle and free

Wild, gentle and freeHere’s something a bit different. The woman’s face was a bit of an experiment in engraving but then a sharp eyed friend spotted her in my workshop and asked me to create a piece around her. This is the result.

Box of Delights

Once again I am delighted to be exhibiting at Tinsmiths in Ledbury and again on the theme of John Masefield’s, madcap but wholly wonderful, Box of Delights. (If you haven’t come across it this is quite a good synopsis – Ledbury was John Masefield’s home town and it is easy to imagine the events of the book taking place in and around this ancient market town.  I love the mixture of fantasy, winter and local landscapes which help inspire me when creating work for an exhibition like this.The She Oak Robber tea

Setting up the show

So, the date for the opening of the Beast and Beauty exhibition draws near!  I have delivered and hung all my own work and have been hanging and displaying the work of the other artists.  I hadn’t realised how difficult it is to line up a wall full of paintings, all with different sized frames and various types of cord/wire etc on the back.  What a nightmare!  There are still four more artists due to deliver their work so I shall be busy until after dark tomorrow and then Wednesday will be fun trying to find space for the incredible paintings of Lucy Campbell when she arrives from Scotland.  If you can make it over to the gallery it will be worth a drive!

Lion and Unicorn II

Wolf Girl

Beast and Beauty Exhibition

March 22 – May 11 2014

At Blue-Ginger Gallery, Cradley, Herefordshire, an exclusive opportunity to see and buy new work from prestigious British artists including The Sisterhood of Ruralists; Tamsin Abbott, Catherine Hyde, Jackie Morris, and Hannah Willow. Other artists include; Amanda Andersen, Eleanor Bartleman, Lucy Campbell, Erin Keen, Kathleen Murphy, Claudia Petley, Jane Ryan, Jemima Jameson and Elspeth Soper.

For more information visit Blue Ginger website