We Are Stardust


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A bit about the Piece:
I have been intrigued by rock art for over 30 years since first discovering it on rocks in a boggy field in Perthshire, Scotland. Created by our ancient ancestors thousands of years ago it seems to connect the very elements of life from the minuscule to the cosmic across time. This is a print of engraved glass; a particularly appropriate method to use as it echoes the carving of the symbols into rock. We are born, we live, we die but each one of us is part of the dust of the universe.

Signed, numbered by Tamsin Abbott
To fit aperture: 22.9 x 33cm
Overall size (Unmounted): 27.9 x 38cm
Overall size (Mounted): 30.5 x 40.6cm
Option to purchase unmounted or double mounted on all snow-white coloured card.

Print Quality
A giclee print on museum quality fine-art 280g paper, using cannon imagePROGRAF printers with 12 colour LUCIA ink system, which should easily last for 75-100 years without fading!
Printed by the wonderful www.irisprint.co.uk

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